Cat Gallery

For more information on any of these cats, please phone our Rehoming Co-Ordinator on 07867 972870.

Please see the Rehoming page for details of our Rehoming Policy.

YOYO really pretty and affectionate tabby and white female. YOYO is a delightful little cat very affectionate and playful. She is only young at around a year to 12 months of age.



Vera is a very pretty eight year old tortie. She is a really sweet little girl and would prefer a nice quiet adult home. She has been a much loved companion and sadly her owner can no longer care for her.



JD is a handsome black male, he has not had the best life so you can change that for him. He would need to have access to outside after his initial settling in period.



Tiny is a huge cat and the most loveable chap you could meet. He is a little worried when he first meets you, however once he gets to know you he will give you great big bear hug cuddles. Such a loving cat.

Tiny is 12 years old and will make a super companion.

Kezzy is a beautiful tabby girl, she would prefer a nice quiet adult home as she gets a litttle scared with children around. Kezzy is around two years old and so very pretty. 

Raven is such a friendly girl, she is affectionate and a loving litle cat. Raven is around 10-12 years of age.


Polar is a very beautiful boy. He has lived rough for sometime and now all that has changed for him. he is really sweet and does like affection. He would prefer a nice quiet home. Polar is around eight years old. 

Bill and Pru are two smashing cats. Bill is around 18 months old and devoted to Pru who is around two and a half years old. They are both adorable and woukd like to be rehomed together.


Handsome Hobnob, young juvenille male super sweet friendly and homeless. Hobnob had been in the care of another branch for months so he is desperately in need of a home of his own, so has been transferred to us to find him one. He was very poorly when he first arrived with them but has been fine for months now.

He has been waiting so long, he is only 10 months old but has spent most of that in RSPCA care.

Roxanne is around 12-14 years of age she is a very pretty cat and is deaf. She will need a home with supervised out door time in a secure garden. She is a realy sweet cat and very pretty. 

Shortcake, such a little tinker in a lovely way. She is just an adorable 6 month old kitten and is waiting for her first and forever home.Come and see her soon as she will be snapped up.


Patsy has been in our care for many months, she came in really poorly with an upset tummy and it took lots of tests to get to the bottom of her problem. She has now been fine for weeks and is ready for rehoming. She will need a stress free home with no other pets to annoy her. Patsy is only young at around 18 months. she loves to play and is such a sweet little cat.

lets hope she wont have to wait very long. She is still currently in a foster home but can be viewed there.


Petra came to us via a local vets, she is a really sweet confident little cat.


Cheeky kitten Lois will be looking for a new home around the 24th June. She is 16 weeks old and full of mischief and is a lovely cuddly girl.

Doc is a really good looking cat, he is a little timid and has lived all his life an an indoor cat and he needs to have access to the outside, once he has settled in. Doc is around two years old and loves a chin rub. He cant wait for his first sniff of the garden. 


Metty is such a confident lady, she is so very pretty and just purrs away, she is around 3-5 years of age. She loves a fuss and to kiss you and she will follow you around. She would not be a cat for someone who is not stable on their feet as she will wind in/out of your legs.


We have other cats that are ready for homes shortly, with lots currently recovering from injuries or illness. Please call us for more information. Not all of our cats are on the website.

Our cats are housed at Broadland Cattery, Brick Kiln Lane (aka Goose Lane), Ingham, Near Stalham, NR12 9SY or with fosterers in the Great Yarmouth area.

Please call to make an appointment to view. 07867 972870 

All our cats are neutered, microchipped, vet checked and vaccinated with Feligen RCP against calicivirus, rhinotrachetis and panleucopenia, you may want to also get your cat vaccinated against feline leukaemia which is available at your vets. They are also up to date with flea and worm treatments. For more information on any of these cats please phone our Rehoming Line on 07867 972870 or email They also come with 6 weeks pet insurance T C apply.

Please note all animals brought to us as injured strays are held for a minimum of 7 days or until they are fit and well. During this time they will receive veterinary attention as necessary. This is deemed adequate time for an owner to come forward. If after this time no one has claimed the cat we will set the rehoming process in motion and look to find the cat a new loving home. If the cat is returned within this time to the original owner we would hope that they would contribute to the cost of the care for their animal.

If you have lost your cat please make urgent steps to try to locate them.  Please call all the vets in your local area, and also notify us at the branch on 07927 000466 also register on pets located.

To alleviate this problem and to ensure your cat is returned safely to you, please get them microchipped. we are happy to do this for a small fee to cover the cost of the chip. A microchip is the first thing that is checked by vets and other animal welfare organisations, this also helps us re-unite lost animals and helps to keep the costs down to all the local charities


When rehoming kittens we would expect them to be kept indoors until they are 5-6 months of age. All our kittens will be neutered before being rehomed where possible. Neutering will be carried out at 12 weeks of age where possible.  Kittens can become sexually active very young and certainly before 16 weeks.

We also do not recommend they are rehomed with small children, as they can easily become injured. However we will look at it on an individual basis and how the child and animal are supervised.